Wallingford, CT. Satellite Club

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CTHUNGGARCLUB (A Cheng Yee South Shaolin School Satellite Club)

Cheng Yee Kung Fu School is proud to offer teaching in traditional Hung Gar Style Kung Fu at our Satellite Club ( CTHUNGGARCLUB ) location in the Wallingford, CT.  area. 

The club is managed and taught (in part) by my trusted student Si Hing Jon Mroz.   Jon is a dedicated martial artist with a solid foundation in kung fu and I would personaly recommend him.

Contact Jon for location and I my self will also travel for supplemental instruction.

If you are in the western half of our wonderful state and are interested in this type of training please contact Jon. 

Many thanks,

Sifu "O"  Parungao

Contact Jon at email below: