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Private Lesson and Seminar Information

Below are some of the Private Lessons / Seminars I offer and/or have done. Please feel free to contact me for more information.

Kwando class at Wing Lam Kung School

Lam Sifu and instructors sporting our customs DO's made by sifu himself.  Average weight approx. 20lbs.

Weapons for private lessons and seminars:


Level 1

Monkey staff = "Hawji Kwun" General length is up to the eyebrows of the practitioner.  Basic standby, very useful and steady, it is used very similar to how most styles utilize this type of weapon. Unique thing is it only uses an over hands grip and has an unsual sliding action to generate power.  Very sneaky from short to long range.  Has a companion staff on staff sparring set.

BroadSword = "Pek Kwa Darn Do" Chop and hanging cut single edged knife. This set is from the Northern Shaolin System "Bak Sil Lum". It is a fundamental set for single edged weapons and has influenced many styles.  You must be very brave to use a broadsword, the closer you control the weapon to your body the better.  Pretty much a must for most systems.  Drill and spar much like sabre.

Double Daggers = An oddity, in my system. Was taught this as a last resort from loosing your main weapon. One dagger in each hand, they work in tandem usually. Not at all similar to Fillipino knife skills, instead very basic and more core to typical Chinese martial arts power generation.

Level 2

Double Butterfly Knives "Dai Hang Yuet Seung Do" A pair of short thick knives that are used at close range. Both knives work in blocking and attacking combinations. An intermediate weapon for our system.

Straight Sword = Kun Lun "GIM" The straight sword itself is the most advanced of Chinese edged weapons. It takes average time to learn it. But it takes a long time to master it. Concepts akin to fencing, it is more of a Gentlemans weapon than something for battlefield hack and slash.  Drill and spar much like fencing.

Spear = "Plum flower spear" Like a needle thread stabbing into your opponent. The piercing motion is the primary attack.  Like fencing with 2 hands in usage, it has long to short range methods and is continous and flowing.  The spear has the knickname of being the "king of battlefield weapons". 

Level 3

Long Pole = "Ng Long Baat Gwa Gwan" More advanced then the standard "Bo" or "staff" of the shorter variety. It requires more skill but the benefits are worth the extra training. Typically you don’t just learn another Pole weapon with this one but also gain short arm punching power and other goodies that help your overall martial skill. It is considered a standard by how your skill is judged.

Kwan Do = "Long Handled Knife" = Not just a big battlefield weapon. It is another of the advanced weapons that is considered a standard by how your skill is judged.

Chain Whip = "Bin"A flexible weapon that has a bullet or dart at the end. In Southern Styles usually 7 links.  As the name suggests, its primary attack is a whipping motion. It was favored by masters in the old days cause it was easily concealed. Harder to learn initially, but once the basics are mastered, it is fairly simple.

*You must discuss your back ground skill level and decide on a timeframe for learning these skills

**These are only the solo skills, not the sparring forms. You must know and understand your weapon well before sparring with it.




Empty hand Private lessons and Seminar Info:

*Any forms that I know from Hung Gar Kuen, Yang and Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan.  (Contact me for a more complete list)

** Chin Na, (loosely reffered to as joint locking), Combat Applications and Tai Chi Pushing Hands.

***Hung Gar Lion Dance

****Film fighting and Choreography