CHENG YEE KWOON ( Righteous Training Hall)

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School Origins 

Cheng Yee Kung Fu School

Onassis Parungao "Gao Bat Long" has been practicing martial arts for over 29 yrs and had the pleasure of being an instructor at Lam Kwong Wings school in Sunnyvale California <>

 During his time Gao Sifu was a senior student who aided Lam Si Gung in many demonstrations and won full contact fighting championships in his name.
Originally, Gao Sifu traveled west to further his ongoing training under Lam Si Gung. After many years of training, he decided it was time to return to his roots and share his knowledge for the benefit of the people and for the posterity of the styles. This has always been his desire.

We teach two types of Chinese martial arts, Southern Hung Gar and Tai Chi Chuan. Both of which are comprehensive systems, including empty-hand techniques, weapons, lion dance and internal power.


Parungao Sifu  Head Instructor

Onassis Parungao was born in Rota Spain 1/2 Spanish & 1/2 Filipino descent (Mestiso) These are the STRONGEST experiences in my Martial background:

1.Tung Kong Kalan (Arnis de Mano) Began training at age 8. A Philippine empty hand fighting art.

2. Judo

3. Wrestling Team Co-Capt. Team State Champions, Bronze Medal individual

4. NHB in an Octagon 3x's:
* UFC 7 as an alternate 1-0
* The Russian AFC (aka) Ultimate II 1-1

5. San Shou Chinese Full Contact Free Fighting in the US.
* Champion 85kg, Ohio US Invitational 97'. John Ervin tourney
* Champion 85kg, 1st International Eagle Cup 98'. Lily Lau in San Francisco
* Trained at Shaolin Temple and certified in San Da 98'.

6. Yang Style...Kuo Yu Cheung's (Gu Ru Zhang) style of taijiquan & Sun Style Taijiquan

7. Hung Gar Kuen kung fu since 84' to current

Chinese Martial/Arts are his primary passion

Jon Mroz Si Hing  Hung Gar

Larry McNiel   Tai Chi Chuan