Pawcatuck, CT Cheng Yee Tai Chi Chuan Satellite Club

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Cheng Yee Satellite club teaching Tai Chi Chuan in Pawcatuck, CT

This is a new Beginner class is taught by my student \ instructor Larry McNeill. He has a good grasp of our Yang Family Taiji.  He is approachable and willing to share his knowlege.

The class located in the extreme southeastern corner of CT. in the: 

Community Ayurvedic Herbalist Wellness & Education Center    36 Broad Street Route [1] Pawcatuck CT.   (Behind the "Downtown Creamery" in the old Higgins building) 

Tuesday evenings 6 - 7:30pm  Cost: $40.00 per month (1st Class Free) 

Class Instruction:

  • Warm up exercises
  • Footwork and fundamentals
  • Yang Tai Chi - (Gu Ru Zhang) style of taijiquan
  • Tai Chi applications and push hands.

Please dress in comfortable clothing for ease of movement.

 Contact, Julie at (401)595-6886