Tai Chi Chuan in Ledyard (Gales Ferry) Connecticut

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It has been a pleasure to teach Tai Chi Chuan from my school here in Gales Ferry, CT. (a subdivision of Ledyard) since 2003.

We focus on 2 styles of Tai Chi Chuan: 

 1) Yang style Tai Chi... done with Gu Ru Zhang family influence

* This form of Tai Chi is also referenced as "Gu School Taijiquan"  

 2) Authentic Sun Style Tai Chi Chuan  ( Direct family Lineage ) 

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A typical class begins with warm-up exercises, footwork and fundamental skills.  Then depending on the day…either a concentration on learning the form itself, weapons work or push hands.  


About Chi (Qi) Gong...

 Chi:  can be defined as energy that originates from the "Dan Tien".... the area ~ 2" below a persons' Navel.

 * It can also be "loosely" described as the energy from your breath and also blood circulation.  

 Gong: can be defined in this usage as work / skill or effort. 

 Hence when people speak of doing Chi Gong they are in fact speaking about the "skill of moving Chi" around their body.  Therefore doing the Long Yang form for example IS IN FACT doing Chi Gong already.

The result of doing Tai Chi Chuan is:

- Increased Heart Rate and Blood Flow to the extremities

- Increased Respiration and Breath Control

- Warming of the joints and muscles of the body (especially the legs)

- Good back posture and overall structural body alignment  


Unless a person is elderly, disabled or incapable of doing the standard form practices of Tai Chi Chuan.  It should be encouraged to just learn and perform the Full length versions Tai Chi Chuan.  

Martial Art: 

Tai Chi Chuan is also a Martial Art, the word Chuan denoting a "Fist" as in martial skills and also self defense.

Unlike most schools, we also teach the Martial applications within Tai Chi. Students here always compliment and express gratitude for explaining the actual applications of Tai Chi.  

Usually because it helps them to better understand and remember their form. Also learning the "Martial" and the "Art" side of Tai Chi makes for a more complete practitioner.  


Interested students Contact email:  cykwoon@yahoo.com